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A Dumb Decade - Set of 20 collectors edition postcard pack

 ‘’A Dumb Decade’’ a Microportfolio set of 20 souvenir postcards. The images are from the bands release for Chorus Vs Chorus & showcase all 20 images that were one off’s with the single which are now Sold Out, this being the only way to get hold of not just one but all images. The back of each postcard comes with a separate message and each card signed by Trash McSweeney. "I might put the postcards in little frames and make a nice wall collage" said one TRP fan in Iceland. The postcards are high quality, printed on heavy card stock. Encased in artwork band. Postcard size: 10cm x 18cm (longer than standard postcard) 

To view all 20 artworks included in the pack as a slide show go HERE.

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