New Music Video 'Whales Are Dying' Released Today! Watch it now

02 / 02 / 2009

Help us to support the valuable work that animal rights conservations do by attaching this video to your Myspace, Facebook or any website page that will be viewed by the public.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is one non-profit animal rights organisation that is actively involved in the protection of sea wildlife. They are currently out at sea intervening with the Japanese whaling ships with the hope of saving whales and stopping the illegal trade altogether. Their previous campaigns have cost the whaling trade millions of dollars, and their recent campaign has successfully prevented the death of any whales.

Orchestral art-rock band, The Red Paintings, collaborated with the Sea Shepherd to record this song the night before their ship, the 'Steve Irwin', left Australia for their latest campaign in Antarctic waters. Lyrics were written by lead singer, Trash McSweeney in conjunction with the Sea Shepherd's founder, Captain Paul Watson.

For more information about how to donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society or to read updates written by the Captain and his crew out at sea, go to or

Thanks for protecting the animals of the planet & a massive congrates to all on the Steve Irwiin. you guys are doing amazing things. What a change is to come.

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Trash McSweeney


30 / 12 / 2011

More details announced this week...Check tour page for ticket purchase info.

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